Pollinate the World


Pollination is a term for the transfer of pollen from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another. It is a key step in the reproduction of flowering plants, including many critically important commercial species. 80% of the world’s food plants rely on pollinators, including bees, beetles, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, incidental pollinators such as certain mammals, and more. Plants on which pollinators rely for their own reproduction are called host plants.

Without pollination, plant species would fail, the food chain would collapse, and many species, including humans, would become extinct. Threats to pollination include the widespread and indiscriminate use of pesticides, deforestation, urban sprawl, and overdevelopment of rainforests, deserts, and other biologically rich zones. Currently, farmers bear the lion’s share of the cost of planting host plants.

How You Can Help

1. Find out what host plants work in your local area and plant a pollination garden. This can be done in spaces as large as rural fields and as small as an urban patio, fire escape, balcony, or entranceway.

2. Spread the word at your local school, and plant a pollination garden on the school premises as well as encouraging students to do so at home.

3. Plant an office garden, especially on large corporate campuses.

4. Donate to Pollinatetheworld™’s educational and seed distribution program.

5. If you represent a seed/agriculture company please contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

Mission Statement

Pollinatetheworld™ is working to become a charitable foundation dedicated to ensuring biodiversity and bolstering the food supply by educating the public on ways they can preserve endangered species of pollinators, nectar sources, and host plants, as well as encouraging individuals to plant host plants wherever possible. Our ultimate vision is to see every business and household plant a pollination garden.


Pollinatetheworld™ will provide on-line and printed information about host plants and pollinators. Eventually, we hope to be able to provide information about species indigenous to endangered/critical areas worldwide. We also plan to make seed packets available.

About US

Pollinatetheworld™ was conceived by 15-year-old Tasman Rosenfeld, a Floridian environmentalist with special interests in conservation, physics, music, and surfing. With the help of his community, he hopes to develop the foundation into a meaningful force in the preservation of a healthy, vibrant, biologically diverse planet.